A Life Of Substance

Lately I’ve found myself having an overwhelming sensation that for most people life is based around one substance or another. My definition of substance may be a bit different from most. I see it as being anything from drugs, alcohol, or addiction to something we know inside is wrong. Things along that line. And of course I can see it in my own life, but I see it everywhere around me too. I see people who can’t get through their day without an energy drink or a pack of cigarettes (or both). I see people who believe they can’t enjoy an activity without a form of alcohol or weed or nicotine alongside it. And I understand them…completely.

But then I made this “realization” about how life revolves around one substance or another. And even once I had this impacting thought I still found myself clinging to the majority. I knew the feeling of needing something extra. Like just watching t.v. by itself wasn’t enough or hanging out with friends wouldn’t be as much fun without more to it.

Then I woke up.

I woke up from the endless cycle that is needing something to go along with everything. And this feeling that I was totally wrong before felt so good inside. Because once you rid yourself of the habits you know are bad- you feel even better not doing them than you ever did before. You rejoice in the fact that what you have truly gained is a form of freedom. Because in all honestly a substance such as nicotine is a cruel master over its slaving users. It controls your mind, it makes you get in your car at the most random time because you “quit” but suddenly its okay to go out and get it again. It makes you convince yourself, literally debate inside your head why it’s acceptable to not quit and to continue to use whatever substance it is. And there is that part in the people that want to live a pure life that tells you “No you must stop, you know it isn’t right.” But as much as you yearn to listen to that inner voice you fall short. Or you stop and go back. The key in quitting, in gaining this freedom over life that I tell you of, is in the realization.

Realize what I have said to you- that being alive in itself is such an amazing thing that it needs no substance to accompany it. That living without the addictions of your past makes you that much more free. Then think to yourself- when I was a kid, the most care-free time in my life, I didn’t use any of these things I use now. You didn’t use to drink four cups of coffee each day, smoke your vape excessively, or drink at every social event. No, you had an endless amount of energy from just being alive! And that’s amazing to think of, it’s something that we as humans can be excited about! For if as children we had no need for substance and addiction and that was such a joy filled time- then certainly we can reach that state of being again! And you can, I promise you!

Leave the substances behind, free yourself from whatever it is you know has a hold over you. Because you’d have to oblivious to not know when something is controlling you. Wake up. Live life in its purest sense, it doesn’t need anything to go with it. Take my word- you will be living in a way you never could if you continued your attachment with substance.

Be free my friends, and enjoy this extraordinarily beautiful life you have.

Age: A Human Created Concept

Growing older, an unavoidable occurrence which we must all face. Is it to be feared, welcomed, or avoided? Perhaps none of these truly describe the deep feelings associated with aging. For it is something that everyone must accept, from a toddler turning into a teenager, or someone celebrating their 90th birthday. Does each year have the same significance as the one prior, or are there really certain birthdays that matter more than others?

The answers to these questions remain somewhat unclear to me- a recently turned 19 year old. In some ways I have been very excited about the additional responsibilities I carry. But there is also the part of me that thinks fondly of simpler times when I was younger. Most people describe being younger as “simpler times” and I can’t disagree. Our main worries, for the majority of us, were things like what was for dinner that night, what game we were going to play next, etc. And I loved that. But then I started thinking to myself- that hasn’t changed a whole lot for me. Sure, I have more aspects of life that take up my time now, but I haven’t lost that childhood spirit. I still look forward to life’s next adventure and now those adventures are on an even larger scale. Maybe a road trip across country with friends, moving into my own place, choosing the paths I will follow in life. It’s these thoughts that made me realize growing older doesn’t have to be a nuisance.

I really believe that my thoughts on aging can be applied to someone of any age, not just a teenager becoming an adult. The “next adventure” is just something different at each stage of life. What is there to be ashamed of in being at the age where you can pass on wisdom to those who are younger? Or share your thoughts and ideas with the world after gaining experience simply through living. Aging only makes us experts in the knowledge of what life has to offer. The old adage “age is just a number” is true beyond belief! Time, when referring to years and hours and months and days, is all basically made up anyway. We could have said a day is when the Earth rotates one and a half times around its axis. Or that a year is when a certain comet passes by. So yes, we do grow older, but if time in this sense is made up anyway, why not think of age in your own terms. In other words, you are as old as you consider yourself to be. And your answer shouldn’t be based on appearance, but rather how young you feel in your spirit, your being, and your mind.

We do not know what comes after death, and those who say they do are only certain in their own beliefs. I say death is not to be dismayed. For we do not really know what all death is. Could it be that dying is only the act of our spirit, our essence as a being, outgrowing our body here on Earth? I do not know, nor do I claim to know, what exactly happens when we pass away. But I am certain that there is more to it than many think, and that it should just be left to happen when it happens. Think of it occasionally when your mind drifts, for it is almost unavoidable to never have the thought of dying pass through your head. And then just go on living and living- the way YOU feel inside.

Giving Your Ideas A Chance To Grow

Starting something new and possibly time consuming can be hard to do. It’s easy to dream and think about how great things would be if you could do this or that. But when it comes to actually doing “this or that” we usually don’t even give ourselves a chance.

What keeps us from trying out something new? I don’t believe in most cases it is fear. Or if it is based around fear, it’s the fear of wasting time and not being successful. But simply by not trying- you are guaranteeing that you won’t be successful! You are certainly saving yourself from wasting time if you never start. However, what if starting is actually not wasting time, and continuing to do what you always do is the bigger waste of time? I think the latter.

Thoughts of starting new businesses, investing in stocks, writing books and blog posts fill my head on a daily basis. I seem to have this sense inside of me that “Oh yeah I’ll do something that’ll make me really wealthy one day.” But it’s this thought that used to trap me. For if I always tell myself one day things will just magically work out for me- someday I’ll have lost all the opportunity to actually do the thing that makes me successful. So, while it is important to be confident in your future success, you can’t just keep the idea of success in the back of your mind. Tell yourself, “Today I’m going to start that one thing I always think about.”

Let’s say you do try that something out, and it just so happens it was a total failure.  Well what did you really waste? Maybe a couple months, but not the entirety of those months because it’s unlikely you dropped everything just to try out your idea. (P.S. I do not recommend dropping everything to try out your ideas- keep them on the side at first and allow them to grow.) And you learned from your failures, so now you can either improve upon your last idea, or come up with something entirely different. It’s even okay to take some time off your new ideas for a little while in between. Get back to your regular schedule for a couple of months and then give it another go. I’ll put money on the fact that you’ll be drawn back to trying out your ideas, because it is really exciting.

Doing work that we can be excited about is truly the end goal of any occupation. If we are doing something we even somewhat enjoy and are making enough money to get the material things in life we want, then we can be truly satisfied with our line of work. Don’t wait any longer- go out and give it a try, because you’ll either learn something or you’ll become successful. And I don’t see anything wrong with either of those outcomes.

4 Digital Marketing Techniques To Get Your Blog, Business, or Anything Else More Traffic

Forbes Magazine, the dictionary for inspiring billionaires, published an article headed “The Future of Everything That Matters In Digital Marketing” earlier this summer.  Now, that’s a bold title, but it adds to the never-ending hype about online marketing.  Switch the words up in their authoritative title a bit and you get the real message- digital marketing is everything that matters for the future of any business looking to add new customers.

Digital Marketing can be a frightening concept to both new businesses and established ones trying to enter the online world.  Several questions may enter the minds of their marketing teams such as- “How do we even begin to get our name out there?” and “How can we compete with companies already on the web?”  Never fear! For we have compiled your to-do list to break through the masses of competition and grow your business’s market in this intimidating online stage.

Creating A Presence On Social Media

It seems all that people talk about these days are what’s going on in various social media platforms.  It’s time for them to start talking about your business! In one of Social Media Today’s articles they present the astounding statistic that “71% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals.”  For the first quarter of 2018, Twitter boasts 336 million active monthly users- and that’s only one of several huge social media outlets. Creating an account for your business on social media is a must-do for any company looking to reach a larger audience.  One of the best side perks to a social account- most can be used completely free.

A Product Or Service Related Blog

A blog may seem like a lot of time consuming work at first glance.  However, having written content that relates to your business’s niche is an incredible way to gain targeted customers.  Attract readers to the blog through the other tactics mentioned in this article, and you’ll raise an army of highly specific product-hungry purchasers.  If they love the content of your business’s articles, it’s likely they’ll feel much the same to the related products and services you offer. And if curating your own content sounds like too much time- there are companies out there to do it for you.  I even do freelance work from time to time for companies.  So if you’re interested in hiring a writer for a job or two- visit my contact page or leave a comment below.

A User-Friendly and Personalized Website

It seems obvious that in order to have an online presence a business needs a website.  But what all needs to go into that website? An overload of product descriptions and technical writing won’t bring a steady flow of customers quickly.  There are only a few basic concepts to keep in mind when creating a business website:

  • Simplicity- no need to overwhelm a new visitor on their first view of your site. Keep the format basic and pleasing to the eye.  
  • Highlight The Product- after all this is ultimately what you want your traffic to see.  Great product photos can make a huge difference when showcasing what you offer.
  • Contact- a must-have for your company site.  If a potential customer can’t connect with you about specifications, concerns, etc- you could be missing out on a sale. Make this page as easy as possible to locate.

Of course there are other components to making a fantastic website, but these are three of the most important for companies who want their site to stand out.  Other aspects like positive product reviews, testimonies, and a FAQ page can be useful too.

Constructing An Online Funnel

Expanding your market to online consumers can be thought of as a trap.  First, lure them in with beautifully conceived social media posts. Once they’re caught- put the product, in all of it’s astonishing glory, right in front of their eyes.  Then, before you release them back into the online jungle, give them an easy way to get back to your business and bring more prey (other customers) with them next time. This trap, otherwise known as a funnel, is a great way to keep purchasers coming back.  You can incorporate a funnel into your digital marketing campaign by using a few methods. Placing links to your company blog on social media pages, inserting product links within these blog posts, and when someone makes a purchase- following up with an automated email that offers them an array of similar products.  As you can see, the funnel catches both new customers and brings back past purchasers.

Start growing your business’s online profile today- there’s really no downside.  Especially when you can take advantage of other company’s services to help you get started.  Get an edge over the competition! If you’re interested in hiring someone to do any form of writing work for you- visit my contact page- I’ll likely do the task for a reasonable fee.

Seeking Positive Interaction

It is far to easy to find ourselves tired of the routines of life.  Our minds gradually grow accustomed to the negative reactions we have associated with our day to day activities.  I have found but one true solution.

We must seek out positive interaction.  When you think about it, doesn’t your day brighten up when you find yourself having a positive interaction with another person?  And maybe that good feeling continues for a few minutes after the interaction.  And then you think back about how awesome it was to feel that way purely from the existence of another person who shared some joy with you that day.  By the time all of this interaction wears off, usually you can have found or created yet another positive interaction.

So why not go out and be the person who creates positive interaction for other people?  You know, from past experience, that the interaction will benefit you just as much.  As my arguments often have come to this same conclusion, it still holds true- there is no downside.  The simplest of scenarios can make another person go off on the rest of their day with a much better outlook.  Making conversation with the cashier at the groceries, shaking the hand of someone new you just met, it can be almost anything!  The benefits come from the very interaction in itself.

Give what you seek- perhaps the favor will be returned.

Sunrise, Sunset

All to me, all to mine

The Earth with sun and moon divine.

From heavens fall gifts but of what we know not

Only in our heads, our prayers begot.

Wind whispers in anxiousness-

to our excavation of lands.

Telling the sea and the mother of our wondrous plans,

To fill this planet with people, up to the brim

whilst nature takes to hide in the ever growing dim.

We must appreciate the true wonderments of mother earth,

she remain forever our sacred center hearth.

No more will waste be found in the seas,

wind no longer carrying disease.

The people are happy, the earth has recovered.

The earth, one woman, our sacred mother.

Making The Most Of Your Time

Being a long-time sufferer of procrastination, I’m here to show you how I’ve (mostly) overcome it.

High school was when I procrastinated the most.  I would almost never, and I mean like pretty much never, study for any tests or exams.  I wouldn’t study at all.  And if I felt like I needed to, the studying would consist of about ten minutes the night before or the day of.  But that’s because I felt like I didn’t need to.  For the most part I either knew the material or I could live with whatever grade my unprepared self received.  I would almost always write my papers the night before or even the class before the one it was due in.  I rarely read books we were supposed to read and if I did it would be a quick skim to simply get the main idea of the text.  And now that I’m in college I’ve realized I could very, very easily, get away with my same practices.  But here’s why I’ve started my college career off differently despite the enticement of procrastination:

For one, as soon as I get an assignment- I get it done that day.  And usually even before I leave campus.  It gives me the rest of the day to get other work done, or do whatever I want.

Secondly, I realize my old thought that I did my best work under pressure was wrong.  I do much better work if I do my assignments right away.  I believe I owe this better performance to the thought in the back of my mind that I’ll have extra time to come back and go over my work- even though I rarely do this.  The thought itself motivates me to do better work the first time, even if I don’t act on the actual re-checking process.

The other parts of my life, besides school, suddenly became more organized as well.  My room is magically no longer a complete mess.  I do my household chores, and get way more laundry done than I ever have before.

My appearance, and hygiene, have improved tremendously.  It no longer feels like a chore to shave, brush my teeth, pick out clothes, etc.  And I believe this is because of all my extra, more managed time.  I feel as if I dress nicer and feel better overall because of it.

I now have more time to pick up other hobbies and more importantly, ones that are good for my physical and mental health.  Working out, hiking, fishing, writing, spending time with friends and family, etc.  It feels great to be able to do these things without a task I haven’t yet done weighing on me in the back of my mind.

I can sum it all down to this for you- get what you know you have to get done finished as soon as you know it is going to need completed.  Whether it gets assigned today and is due tomorrow, or if it is assigned today and due next week.  Do it that day, and have the rest of that time to do whatever it is you want.  You will see tremendous benefits come your way.  Working ahead is never a bad idea.  Do next weeks assignments- that might mean your schoolwork, your report for work, laundry for the family, whatever it may be.  Pack your lunch the night before and give yourself more time the next morning.  This concept of doing before it’s due is a huge key in having a better and more managed life.