Little Yellow Flower (Poem)

It was when he was loneliest, but that he did not know,

that she came along and said she had something to show.

Her hands were cupped- but she opened them now.

And there was the littlest yellow flower that nature could allow.

She said, “I’ll be your flower when your days seem the dullest,

yours forever more- together we’ll live life to the fullest.”

He took the flower from her soft palm to give his answer yes,

and placed it in her hair where he thought it matched her dress.

So when your days seem like they could not get any more gray,

find your little yellow flower and she’ll make them forever go away.

A Boring Dystopia

The world we live in is far different from the world a century ago. Countless technologies and innovations have come out, new business fields created entirely, new laws governing companies, you name it! It’s a really different place. But one thing I’ve noticed when it comes to the “money” section of life is that any entity (saying this because it’s better than company) is really only trying to do one of two things.

Now I’m sure you don’t want to have to read this entire article just to figure out what those things are. So I’ll just spill it out right here and right now:

Any entity in the money scheme of life is either trying to sell everyone something or help another entity sell something.

That’s right! You’re either in the advertising sector or the sales sector- and there’s no other option. Unless of course you volunteer a free product or service- but we’re just going to ignore that sector for now.

Now while my discovery may not be quite as thrilling as you would have hoped and you think it’s the bullshit generic opinion- let me show you just how much it actually applies to various areas of any individual’s life.

It’s important that you remember this rule of my discovery- selling refers to selling a good and/or a SERVICE. So you can’t blow my entire argument out of the water just by saying, “But…but Mason! Don’t garbage men just pick up people’s trash, and mailmen just deliver mail? Those people aren’t selling me anything.” Well yes they are my friend. In fact- they are hired by a company which therefor makes them part of that company while they are working. Garbage companies are selling you the service of trash removal and the employee is carrying out that service. I put that in bold because I think it could be debated that “carrying out a service” could possibly be considered another thing an entity does. But as of now I don’t consider it to be one.

Now here’s something interesting. As I’ve been writing this article I’ve come to find that I think I’ve contradicted myself. I don’t think there’s two things that entities do at all in the money world. There’s only one! Allow me to explain to both you and myself so I can make sure I’m right.

I was originally going to make the argument that advertising entities are attempting to sell what other entities need help selling. However, I’ve come to see that them advertising is just yet another service being sold in its self. So really all anyone who makes an income in the world is trying to do (companies and people both) is sell something to everyone else.

Ah look, I did end up making you read the whole article…

Crazy Shit.

The Worst Things (Poem)

The worst things that could happen to me,

oh there are far too many to see.

I could fall off a cliff!

Get kicked by a horse.

Lose my favorite gif,

Have my skin get coarse.

All I can think of is what could go wrong,

there’s many to list- that’s why I made this song!

Bullied in school recess,

never win a game of chess,

Fail my classes,

lose my glasses.

There’s so much that could go wrong so quick!

But what if some things aren’t meant to click?

Like I won’t lose my glasses ’cause I have 20/20 vision!

And I won’t fail my classes because I always listen!

As for chess, I’m still doubtful of winning a game.

But I’m getting much better at checkers and yes I know- it’s not the same!

So when things look wrong, turn them upside down and every which way.

Because if you change the way you look at it- your smile gets to stay 🙂

One Sacred Flower (Poem)

Withering near the willows was the final sacred flower.

It was said that it would be used to save the world in its darkest hour.

Along came the ancient hawk on one final quest.

He dug beneath the earth where the flower did rest.

Until the roots were exposed and he clamped it in his beak.

And took off into the sky flying towards the mountain peak.

There below a beautiful water spring did lay.

And so the hawk planted the flower where it could stay.

For many thousands of years it could grow there in peace,

and when the day comes it will be used to ensure the world does not cease.

Random Thought: Lil Uzi

Isn’t it weird to think that celebrities are really just ordinary people who are really good at something and made themselves noticed? They weren’t (in most cases) born into being famous. Like think of a rapper, we’ll say Lil Uzi Vert, he’s just a young guy who decided to put some lyrics over cool hype beats because his friends said he sounded good. He wasn’t even that interested in rapping originally, he mainly did it for money. So if anything maybe you can feel inspired by the fact that a regular person became extremely rich and successful by doing something he wasn’t even that interested in.

Oh Hello Again (Poem)

Oh hello again small fish in the pond,

I haven’t see you in ages, I thought you had gone.

But I am glad to see that in this pond you still swim.

The boy climbed in the pond and the fish swam to him.

Oh hello there boy, it has been quite awhile.

Since I’ve seen you by the pond with that soft smile.

Would you like to know a secret, a secret of fish?

We have the power to grant a human only one wish.

Since I like you so, my wish is for you,

take your time thinking, and don’t waste it whatever you do.

The boy paused a moment and smiled as he said,

I want to be a fish free in the water, with the water as my bed.

The fish nodded slightly and closed his eyes,

the boy had become a fish, and to the fish’s surprise-

he had become a boy, the transfer complete.

The boy waved at the fish, and walked away on his new feet.

The Woodlark’s Song (Poem)

Where did he go, where should he be?

I do not know and neither does he.

Why I saw him in the garden just a quarter past 2:00!

Well what was he doing in the garden with you?

Why he sang me a sonnet, a lovable tune.

Head over heals my heart would swoon.

But you know he can’t be yours, nor I’s, nor anyone else’s!

Oh how I long to hear his song, and feel my worries melted.

But the Woodlark was a bird and in the wild he must stay,

when in need of relief then in the garden he will play-

a song like none ever heard before.

A song now lost to myth and lore.

There may come a day when the Woodlark returns,

for if there is to be a person who so greatly yearns-

to hear the songbird’s tale of love so true,

and to cure the ache that keeps their heart so blue.

Credits for image of painting:

Antique Chromolithograph Published 1907-08, London for “Birds of Great Britain and Ireland…” by Arthur G. Butler. Illustrated by H. Gronvold & F. W. Frohawk.