The Worst Things (Poem)

The worst things that could happen to me,

oh there are far too many to see.

I could fall off a cliff!

Get kicked by a horse.

Lose my favorite gif,

Have my skin get coarse.

All I can think of is what could go wrong,

there’s many to list- that’s why I made this song!

Bullied in school recess,

never win a game of chess,

Fail my classes,

lose my glasses.

There’s so much that could go wrong so quick!

But what if some things aren’t meant to click?

Like I won’t lose my glasses ’cause I have 20/20 vision!

And I won’t fail my classes because I always listen!

As for chess, I’m still doubtful of winning a game.

But I’m getting much better at checkers and yes I know- it’s not the same!

So when things look wrong, turn them upside down and every which way.

Because if you change the way you look at it- your smile gets to stay 🙂

One Sacred Flower (Poem)

Withering near the willows was the final sacred flower.

It was said that it would be used to save the world in its darkest hour.

Along came the ancient hawk on one final quest.

He dug beneath the earth where the flower did rest.

Until the roots were exposed and he clamped it in his beak.

And took off into the sky flying towards the mountain peak.

There below a beautiful water spring did lay.

And so the hawk planted the flower where it could stay.

For many thousands of years it could grow there in peace,

and when the day comes it will be used to ensure the world does not cease.

The Woodlark’s Song (Poem)

Where did he go, where should he be?

I do not know and neither does he.

Why I saw him in the garden just a quarter past 2:00!

Well what was he doing in the garden with you?

Why he sang me a sonnet, a lovable tune.

Head over heals my heart would swoon.

But you know he can’t be yours, nor I’s, nor anyone else’s!

Oh how I long to hear his song, and feel my worries melted.

But the Woodlark was a bird and in the wild he must stay,

when in need of relief then in the garden he will play-

a song like none ever heard before.

A song now lost to myth and lore.

There may come a day when the Woodlark returns,

for if there is to be a person who so greatly yearns-

to hear the songbird’s tale of love so true,

and to cure the ache that keeps their heart so blue.

Credits for image of painting:

Antique Chromolithograph Published 1907-08, London for “Birds of Great Britain and Ireland…” by Arthur G. Butler. Illustrated by H. Gronvold & F. W. Frohawk.