A Boring Dystopia

The world we live in is far different from the world a century ago. Countless technologies and innovations have come out, new business fields created entirely, new laws governing companies, you name it! It’s a really different place. But one thing I’ve noticed when it comes to the “money” section of life is that any entity (saying this because it’s better than company) is really only trying to do one of two things.

Now I’m sure you don’t want to have to read this entire article just to figure out what those things are. So I’ll just spill it out right here and right now:

Any entity in the money scheme of life is either trying to sell everyone something or help another entity sell something.

That’s right! You’re either in the advertising sector or the sales sector- and there’s no other option. Unless of course you volunteer a free product or service- but we’re just going to ignore that sector for now.

Now while my discovery may not be quite as thrilling as you would have hoped and you think it’s the bullshit generic opinion- let me show you just how much it actually applies to various areas of any individual’s life.

It’s important that you remember this rule of my discovery- selling refers to selling a good and/or a SERVICE. So you can’t blow my entire argument out of the water just by saying, “But…but Mason! Don’t garbage men just pick up people’s trash, and mailmen just deliver mail? Those people aren’t selling me anything.” Well yes they are my friend. In fact- they are hired by a company which therefor makes them part of that company while they are working. Garbage companies are selling you the service of trash removal and the employee is carrying out that service. I put that in bold because I think it could be debated that “carrying out a service” could possibly be considered another thing an entity does. But as of now I don’t consider it to be one.

Now here’s something interesting. As I’ve been writing this article I’ve come to find that I think I’ve contradicted myself. I don’t think there’s two things that entities do at all in the money world. There’s only one! Allow me to explain to both you and myself so I can make sure I’m right.

I was originally going to make the argument that advertising entities are attempting to sell what other entities need help selling. However, I’ve come to see that them advertising is just yet another service being sold in its self. So really all anyone who makes an income in the world is trying to do (companies and people both) is sell something to everyone else.

Ah look, I did end up making you read the whole article…

Crazy Shit.

Poetry (Read Entire Thing)

Into the clouds he stared for years,

his childhood drifting in the sky.

He yearned for what was often feared,

to tell the Earth goodbye.

To travel and see the planets and stars,

exploring the universe far and wide.

That night he slept, he had turned 16,

and his dreams took him oh so far.

To a place he had only ever imagined,

now he was here.

On a brand new planet, the bluest in color.

It shown throughout space like no other.

He dreamed of wonderful things- new species, new skies, and everything in between.

If you were enjoying reading that, my apologies but it’s over.

You see, I started writing that for today’s post and I realized I could just not get it to rhyme the way I wanted to. I debated the old rule in my head that poetry has no rules. But it really pissed me off when the rhyming was all messed up.

Rather than finishing the poem I started, I decided to make the point that poetry does in fact have rules. One that I think should be a universal law of poetry is it either has to be a “rhyming poem” or a “doesn’t rhyme at all poem.” Because when you try to only rhyme in some parts and not all throughout the entire poem- the quality of the poem goes down tremendously. Like at that point it starts to piss off whoever is reading it because it rhymes sometimes and doesn’t rhyme other times, and it confuses the reader. And when it’s real bad it’s like, “is this even supposed to be a poem or a story or what?” Yeah poems can tell stories, but the way their rhyming is structured shouldn’t define whether or not it’s a story. That’s defined by the author’s style of writing and what they are trying to accomplish by writing it.

Example: They could have written the poem to tell a tale or they may write one that makes people feel emotional but doesn’t have any real plot to it.

This realization has actually made me appreciate poetry a lot more- because I sort of feel as if even though poetry has a huge following around the world, it still seems to be one of the most under-appreciated arts of writing.

And I hope that this article has made you appreciate poetry a lot more. Because that way when I release a poetry book here in the near future, you’ll know it’s worth buying 🙂 See what I did there?

A case for Elon Musk

Most people think one of two ways about Elon Musk. Some think he’s the next savior of humankind- attempting to keep our species alive for centuries to come with new technology. Others think he’s a bored guy with a lot of money who blasts rocket ships into space for fun and makes electric cars.

So which side am I on? Well I’m an Elon admirer for sure, although I like to think he would admit there is a level of fun associated with blasting things into space. I appreciate the guy because in my eyes he is a true pioneer. It’s really easy to think of famous scientists and inventors from a hundred years ago, but I bet most people would struggle to name one from our modern day. There’s the guy who mapped the entire human genome, but I don’t know his name even though I respect what he’s done.

Turns out it was James Watson and later on Francis Collins. Props to you guys, but the point is I had to Google that just to know who led the project. Elon Musk, on the other hand, is basically a celebrity. He has millions of social media followers and he interacts with this community. That’s why more people know about him and what he’s trying to accomplish. I think the combination of being able to be a public figure many people look up to, combined with the actual groundbreaking work he does, makes him a pretty impressive guy.

A lot of people tend to not like him because they believe he’s purely motivated by money. Personally I don’t think that’s true in the slightest, and most anyone who keeps up to date with what he says would probably agree. But let’s say he was solely motivated to make money from all of his various companies. What would it matter, and what difference would it make? It wouldn’t change anything at all. If the man is motivated to make money in the fields of space travel, electric cars, and all the other crazy things he invents- wouldn’t he want to be as successful as possible in those endeavors in order to make a profit? And since he has the drive to make these projects a success, don’t we as humankind benefit from it? Regardless if he’s making tons and tons of money, we still get these new inventions that lead to the possibility of the human race living on for years to come.

 I also know nothing of any charitable donations he’s made, but honestly if Elon Musk didn’t donate a single penny to a charity- I wouldn’t think any less of him. Simply because he’s putting his profits back into his company which is making contributions to the whole WORLD. I mean wouldn’t you rather him use his money to research a cure for cancer or solve another world problem, than have him just give it away? Before you criticize- I know how valuable charitable donations can be for lots of people, but in this case I would prefer Elon to use his money for his own projects because they are benefiting a wider scope.

Well that’s about all I’ve got- let me know in the comments what you think of Musk and why.