Little Yellow Flower (Poem)

It was when he was loneliest, but that he did not know,

that she came along and said she had something to show.

Her hands were cupped- but she opened them now.

And there was the littlest yellow flower that nature could allow.

She said, “I’ll be your flower when your days seem the dullest,

yours forever more- together we’ll live life to the fullest.”

He took the flower from her soft palm to give his answer yes,

and placed it in her hair where he thought it matched her dress.

So when your days seem like they could not get any more gray,

find your little yellow flower and she’ll make them forever go away.

One Sacred Flower (Poem)

Withering near the willows was the final sacred flower.

It was said that it would be used to save the world in its darkest hour.

Along came the ancient hawk on one final quest.

He dug beneath the earth where the flower did rest.

Until the roots were exposed and he clamped it in his beak.

And took off into the sky flying towards the mountain peak.

There below a beautiful water spring did lay.

And so the hawk planted the flower where it could stay.

For many thousands of years it could grow there in peace,

and when the day comes it will be used to ensure the world does not cease.