Little Yellow Flower (Poem)

It was when he was loneliest, but that he did not know,

that she came along and said she had something to show.

Her hands were cupped- but she opened them now.

And there was the littlest yellow flower that nature could allow.

She said, “I’ll be your flower when your days seem the dullest,

yours forever more- together we’ll live life to the fullest.”

He took the flower from her soft palm to give his answer yes,

and placed it in her hair where he thought it matched her dress.

So when your days seem like they could not get any more gray,

find your little yellow flower and she’ll make them forever go away.

It Was By The River (Poem)

It was by the river that the slender trout drifted,

silver in the light, to the surface they lifted.

It was by the river that the young wolf ran with his first pack,

now the alpha male, there was no experience he lacked.

It was by the river that the songbirds would sing,

a tune that had rung out for centuries- carried by their wings.

It was by the river that the fox made his best catch,

leaping out he snarled and his jaws tightly latched.

And it was by the river that the child had grown,

older and older until he became a man of his own.

Freelance Begone (Poem)

He struggled to find, as hard as he looked,

a freelance writing gig that he could book.

He applied to several, begged for even more,

but no one would give him the simplest chore.

He guest wrote posts, all to no avail.

No one wanted to pay him to tell their tale.

Months and months, spent scouring the web-

when all he needed were the ideas in his head.

He took a chance, started his own blog,

the apprehension faded from his mind, clearing the fog.

This was fun, he realized- this was the best!

He wrote what he wanted, his followers took care of the rest.

They read and read until he had built up a crowd,

looking at his work, he was finally proud.

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Spring On A Winter’s Day

And so when it seemed coldest,

the plants withered away with frost.

Along came the oldest,

of seasons both present and lost.

For just one day the snow and ice had gone,

and the grass shown green on the front lawn.

It was as if Spring had appeared, if only for a day.

A reminder Winter is not forever, and Spring was on its way.

The birds chirped in the morning, the animals played!

A light breeze sounded through, and the branches swayed.

Nature was thankful for the promise that life would yet come,

and although Winter was needed, the world would not remain numb.

With Love Comes Loss But Not Without Hope

With Love Comes Loss

A frightful thought indeed.

For we fear the unknown changes that arise without need

Who is to know whether the feeling will fade

Or human nature will lead it to slip away.

With love comes loss but it cannot be feared

We Must Love Unconditionally, putting aside future tears.

There is a love that will last forever

And once you find it there is nothing better,

Who is to know which love will be right?

That’s why each time we feel it, we must seek love at first sight.

The Hope of Disappointment

We go through a lot of emotions- I mean a LOT.  But there is one in particular I’ve found people try to avoid at all costs.  Disappointment.  Think about it, when we cause people to feel other things like anger, we almost get a rush off it in the moment.  And although we may regret it or feel sorry about our actions later, while it’s going on we usually have no problem escalating the feeling even higher.  There’s a few other feelings that we treat this way like sadness, happiness, excitement, etc.  Some of those we try to make last as long as possible.  Sadness we can even get lost in, and yeah nobody wants to feel sad- but the truth is sometimes we need to.

Back to the point.  Of all the feelings that come to mind, the one I really never want to make myself or anyone else feel is disappointment.  We try so desperately to not disappoint the people close to us that sometimes we make the wrong decisions for ourselves.  Your parents are a big one here.  Maybe they really want you to get into a particular college, or apply at a certain job.  And people tend to want to make their parents proud.  But what if those decisions aren’t the right ones to make for your own well-being?  Maybe you want to go to the college where your friends are at, maybe you don’t want a career in that field.  We can’t let disappointment hold us back from doing what makes us happy.

This comes into play when interacting with our friends too.  Sometimes you can even start to feel that awful sensation as you send a simple text back- “I can’t hang out tonight, sorry.”  See, you even felt guilty enough you had to throw in a quick apology at the end.  The truth is it’s almost never going to be the end of you and your friend’s relationship if you can’t hang out that night.  And friends, the good kind, are great at understanding this.  You have other obligations, it’s OK.

Of course, there’s also self disappointment.  It’s a feeling that usually comes in after disappointing someone else.  You forgot to do the errand your mom really needed you to do, you failed your exam at school, your boss thought you could have done better with your report.  Well, here’s the great thing about disappointment- in most of these cases you can allow it to motivate you.  Tell yourself, “I don’t ever want to make someone feel that way again.  I WILL do better.”  If you start thinking this way rather than getting bummed out every time, you really will start to see a difference.  And then when you succeed, you’ll replace that old feeling of disappointment with ones like pride, happiness, and satisfaction.

Some people can tend to say things like, “Well I don’t care if I’m a huge disappointment.”  I’m not denying there are people out there who don’t care about disappointing others or themselves.  But I’ve never met anyone who strives for disappointment, goes out aiming to get that feeling.  These type of people certainly aren’t a lost cause.  Everyone reaches a point where they feel the need to at least try doing something different.  It’s because people don’t want to feel bad, and their minds will lead them to do things to make themselves feel better.  It’s not always the right thing, but they will adapt.  That’s why the people near to them need to give that little push in the right direction.  Nothing too specific, don’t make them think it’ll be the end of the world if they don’t.  Just enough that they have the freedom to choose what specifically they do, but it’s still in the correct direction on the path to a less disappointing and more joyful life.

Moral of the story- don’t fear disappoint, don’t think it’s completely unavoidable either.  But always let it inspire you to do better.