It Was By The River (Poem)

It was by the river that the slender trout drifted,

silver in the light, to the surface they lifted.

It was by the river that the young wolf ran with his first pack,

now the alpha male, there was no experience he lacked.

It was by the river that the songbirds would sing,

a tune that had rung out for centuries- carried by their wings.

It was by the river that the fox made his best catch,

leaping out he snarled and his jaws tightly latched.

And it was by the river that the child had grown,

older and older until he became a man of his own.

Freelance Begone (Poem)

He struggled to find, as hard as he looked,

a freelance writing gig that he could book.

He applied to several, begged for even more,

but no one would give him the simplest chore.

He guest wrote posts, all to no avail.

No one wanted to pay him to tell their tale.

Months and months, spent scouring the web-

when all he needed were the ideas in his head.

He took a chance, started his own blog,

the apprehension faded from his mind, clearing the fog.

This was fun, he realized- this was the best!

He wrote what he wanted, his followers took care of the rest.

They read and read until he had built up a crowd,

looking at his work, he was finally proud.

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Spring On A Winter’s Day

And so when it seemed coldest,

the plants withered away with frost.

Along came the oldest,

of seasons both present and lost.

For just one day the snow and ice had gone,

and the grass shown green on the front lawn.

It was as if Spring had appeared, if only for a day.

A reminder Winter is not forever, and Spring was on its way.

The birds chirped in the morning, the animals played!

A light breeze sounded through, and the branches swayed.

Nature was thankful for the promise that life would yet come,

and although Winter was needed, the world would not remain numb.

Your Life Means Your Path

Going through life doing what other people tell you will get old quick. As a child it’s just how the world works- you learn from your parents and teachers. But when you reach a certain age, perhaps around 18 or 19, you begin to use what you’ve leaned about the world to formulate your own plans and ideas. At times it can be hard for both you and those who used to tell you what to do to accept that you are an individual. Sure, there can be sadness associated with growing up, but I believe the overall freedom to take advantage of what the world has to offer in one’s own direction far outweighs the nostalgia.

Maybe you’re older than the ages I said above and you still feel as if you get told what to do day in and day out. While some of this is possibly unavoidable in rare circumstances, I’d say the majority of us are simply not taking full advantage of our human rights. And when I say human rights I don’t mean controversial issues. What I am talking about is every human’s right to do what they choose on this Earth. There are so many wildly different opportunities available to people that it would amaze me if someone could not find at least one path they are interested in.

A quick idea to possibly expand your thinking about the world: at any given time you can picture any type of scenario in your head and there is very likely someone in the world who has either done what you’re imagining in the past, is doing it in the current moment, or will be doing it in the future. That’s pretty crazy if you ask me. But what’s even more exciting about this concept is that it is actual proof that you can do it too. If someone else has done it, why can’t you? The answer is You Can.  And even in the unlikely circumstance that what you want to do hasn’t been done by someone before- could you not be the first? At some point everything that has ever happened was done for the first time by someone. It can make this prospect of doing what you choose even more thrilling when you think that you could not only be the first to do it, but also lead the way to inspire others to succeed.

Often times it isn’t necessarily an individual’s motivation or drive that prevents them from doing what they want, but rather not knowing what exactly to do. You can want something so badly, and be completely willing to do the work it requires to reach that goal, but you just don’t know how to get started. Or you know how to begin the process but after awhile it seems unclear which way to go next- how to keep what you’ve begun growing. But think about this- if it wasn’t challenging to do life your own way then there wouldn’t be nearly as many people being followers. This is why I encourage you to keep at what you’re doing. Even if you aren’t sure where to take your goal next, just do something with it. Because at least if you are staying active in the pursuit of your own goals, you’re less likely to give up on them completely. This, in my mind, is a much better way to go than slowly giving up because you’re afraid the next decision you make on the path to success will be a failure. But even if it does turn out to be a failure you’ve still succeeded in the much larger goal of life- sticking with what YOU want to do.

I don’t believe in the adage that “Even if you fail you can always say you gave it a try.” Don’t stop trying! Never let the failures you encounter lead you back to a life of following others. Allow your failures to alter your path- not block it off completely. Because in the end even if you “gave it a try” I think you’d have more regret in not trying enough to actually make it work. Go all out on your goals because this is your life and what you want this life to be about is entirely your decision. Face the adversity and be even more prideful to the naysayers when you meet your own definition of success!

No More Excuses

It seems it is far too easy for us to create excuses for why we haven’t done the things in life we want to do. We say things like “I’ll go there one day.” “I’ll be rich one day.” “I’ll find the right relationship one day.” Why is it one day? Why not today? By making ourselves content with these thoughts we are actually telling ourselves it’s okay to procrastinate some of the most important things in our lives.

Sometimes it’s the thought of how much time or effort doing these things will consume. That perhaps by taking action to have the life we want it will take away from what we have now. But isn’t that the whole point- that we desire something new and exciting? You can still maintain current aspects of your life while working towards the things you wish to achieve. You’d be surprised how much we humans are truly capable of- and in most cases you are the only one holding yourself back.

You could say that it’s the money required or a lack of opportunity that is preventing you from accomplishing your larger goals, but really you just need to go after those parts first. Create that opportunity you need to get what you want, save up your money if that’s what you have to do in order to reach your own success. Just don’t be content with where you are at right now, because with a little effort you can really attain the lifestyle you wish to live. And, believe it or not, most of the time it doesn’t even take as much time or effort as you imagined it would.

There are truly so many paths one can travel in this life. Think of how many different things even exist in our world! You can really do almost anything you’ve ever imagined- just by putting in the effort it requires. Because once you really reach the spot you’ve been working towards- you feel a sense of accomplishment like no other.

Go out there and take what you want, stay out of the way of other people’s dreams and efforts, and find yourself in a place you never thought you could make it to.

A Life Of Substance

Lately I’ve found myself having an overwhelming sensation that for most people life is based around one substance or another. My definition of substance may be a bit different from most. I see it as being anything from drugs, alcohol, or addiction to something we know inside is wrong. Things along that line. And of course I can see it in my own life, but I see it everywhere around me too. I see people who can’t get through their day without an energy drink or a pack of cigarettes (or both). I see people who believe they can’t enjoy an activity without a form of alcohol or weed or nicotine alongside it. And I understand them…completely.

But then I made this “realization” about how life revolves around one substance or another. And even once I had this impacting thought I still found myself clinging to the majority. I knew the feeling of needing something extra. Like just watching t.v. by itself wasn’t enough or hanging out with friends wouldn’t be as much fun without more to it.

Then I woke up.

I woke up from the endless cycle that is needing something to go along with everything. And this feeling that I was totally wrong before felt so good inside. Because once you rid yourself of the habits you know are bad- you feel even better not doing them than you ever did before. You rejoice in the fact that what you have truly gained is a form of freedom. Because in all honestly a substance such as nicotine is a cruel master over its slaving users. It controls your mind, it makes you get in your car at the most random time because you “quit” but suddenly its okay to go out and get it again. It makes you convince yourself, literally debate inside your head why it’s acceptable to not quit and to continue to use whatever substance it is. And there is that part in the people that want to live a pure life that tells you “No you must stop, you know it isn’t right.” But as much as you yearn to listen to that inner voice you fall short. Or you stop and go back. The key in quitting, in gaining this freedom over life that I tell you of, is in the realization.

Realize what I have said to you- that being alive in itself is such an amazing thing that it needs no substance to accompany it. That living without the addictions of your past makes you that much more free. Then think to yourself- when I was a kid, the most care-free time in my life, I didn’t use any of these things I use now. You didn’t use to drink four cups of coffee each day, smoke your vape excessively, or drink at every social event. No, you had an endless amount of energy from just being alive! And that’s amazing to think of, it’s something that we as humans can be excited about! For if as children we had no need for substance and addiction and that was such a joy filled time- then certainly we can reach that state of being again! And you can, I promise you!

Leave the substances behind, free yourself from whatever it is you know has a hold over you. Because you’d have to oblivious to not know when something is controlling you. Wake up. Live life in its purest sense, it doesn’t need anything to go with it. Take my word- you will be living in a way you never could if you continued your attachment with substance.

Be free my friends, and enjoy this extraordinarily beautiful life you have.

Giving Your Ideas A Chance To Grow

Starting something new and possibly time consuming can be hard to do. It’s easy to dream and think about how great things would be if you could do this or that. But when it comes to actually doing “this or that” we usually don’t even give ourselves a chance.

What keeps us from trying out something new? I don’t believe in most cases it is fear. Or if it is based around fear, it’s the fear of wasting time and not being successful. But simply by not trying- you are guaranteeing that you won’t be successful! You are certainly saving yourself from wasting time if you never start. However, what if starting is actually not wasting time, and continuing to do what you always do is the bigger waste of time? I think the latter.

Thoughts of starting new businesses, investing in stocks, writing books and blog posts fill my head on a daily basis. I seem to have this sense inside of me that “Oh yeah I’ll do something that’ll make me really wealthy one day.” But it’s this thought that used to trap me. For if I always tell myself one day things will just magically work out for me- someday I’ll have lost all the opportunity to actually do the thing that makes me successful. So, while it is important to be confident in your future success, you can’t just keep the idea of success in the back of your mind. Tell yourself, “Today I’m going to start that one thing I always think about.”

Let’s say you do try that something out, and it just so happens it was a total failure.  Well what did you really waste? Maybe a couple months, but not the entirety of those months because it’s unlikely you dropped everything just to try out your idea. (P.S. I do not recommend dropping everything to try out your ideas- keep them on the side at first and allow them to grow.) And you learned from your failures, so now you can either improve upon your last idea, or come up with something entirely different. It’s even okay to take some time off your new ideas for a little while in between. Get back to your regular schedule for a couple of months and then give it another go. I’ll put money on the fact that you’ll be drawn back to trying out your ideas, because it is really exciting.

Doing work that we can be excited about is truly the end goal of any occupation. If we are doing something we even somewhat enjoy and are making enough money to get the material things in life we want, then we can be truly satisfied with our line of work. Don’t wait any longer- go out and give it a try, because you’ll either learn something or you’ll become successful. And I don’t see anything wrong with either of those outcomes.