A Boring Dystopia

The world we live in is far different from the world a century ago. Countless technologies and innovations have come out, new business fields created entirely, new laws governing companies, you name it! It’s a really different place. But one thing I’ve noticed when it comes to the “money” section of life is that any entity (saying this because it’s better than company) is really only trying to do one of two things.

Now I’m sure you don’t want to have to read this entire article just to figure out what those things are. So I’ll just spill it out right here and right now:

Any entity in the money scheme of life is either trying to sell everyone something or help another entity sell something.

That’s right! You’re either in the advertising sector or the sales sector- and there’s no other option. Unless of course you volunteer a free product or service- but we’re just going to ignore that sector for now.

Now while my discovery may not be quite as thrilling as you would have hoped and you think it’s the bullshit generic opinion- let me show you just how much it actually applies to various areas of any individual’s life.

It’s important that you remember this rule of my discovery- selling refers to selling a good and/or a SERVICE. So you can’t blow my entire argument out of the water just by saying, “But…but Mason! Don’t garbage men just pick up people’s trash, and mailmen just deliver mail? Those people aren’t selling me anything.” Well yes they are my friend. In fact- they are hired by a company which therefor makes them part of that company while they are working. Garbage companies are selling you the service of trash removal and the employee is carrying out that service. I put that in bold because I think it could be debated that “carrying out a service” could possibly be considered another thing an entity does. But as of now I don’t consider it to be one.

Now here’s something interesting. As I’ve been writing this article I’ve come to find that I think I’ve contradicted myself. I don’t think there’s two things that entities do at all in the money world. There’s only one! Allow me to explain to both you and myself so I can make sure I’m right.

I was originally going to make the argument that advertising entities are attempting to sell what other entities need help selling. However, I’ve come to see that them advertising is just yet another service being sold in its self. So really all anyone who makes an income in the world is trying to do (companies and people both) is sell something to everyone else.

Ah look, I did end up making you read the whole article…

Crazy Shit.

Mood Changes (Poem)

In the morning she glows, warm in the sun.

Looks to me as if to say, what have you done?

Why nothing at all, nothing has changed!

Except, my love that it has started to rain.

You must help me, save me, do all that you can!

For when the rain falls you become a different man.

Your mood will change at the littlest action,

and I am left in a relationship with little passion.

Quickly, now, we must get in the car.

She started it up, and drove them quite far.

Until they outran the rain, reaching a far away place.

One where the sun always shines, and the man has a smile on his face.

The “Meaning” of Life

Most people will hear the word philosophy and have images of famous people come to mind.  Gandhi, Socrates, and countless others that are lost in time.  But what truly is philosophy?

It’s not a field that is only for the critical deep thinkers, although they tend to thrive in it.  Rather, everyone has practiced the art of philosophical thinking at one time or another.  Likely it was unintentional- perhaps a passing thought before you went to sleep one night.  Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “What is existence? How do I exist and why?”  I cannot give one certain answer to these questions that the people of the Earth have pondered for their entire existence.  I CAN tell you this- it doesn’t matter.

I hate to say that, for I am a lover of philosophy, but when it comes to the great question, “What is the meaning of life?”, I say to you it matters not.  Sure, it is an interesting question to think about at random times throughout life.  But surely, the answer would be different for every individual.  Or maybe there are multiple people out there with the same purposes in life, for our Earth is highly populated and the probability of this seems almost certain.

Do you remember when you were a child and it seemed you changed what you wanted to do when you “grew up” countless times?  First a firefighter, then a lawyer, then a musician, and so on.  The purpose of one’s life is much like that nostalgic thought-it is ever-changing.  You may think that your purpose in the early stages of life is to get a good job and raise a family.  I mean, it is the natural instinct within almost every being to reproduce.  But some people don’t ever even have the idea of having offspring or finding a partner.  Later on you may think you have some great deed you must give to the world- write your memoir or invent a scientific masterpiece.  But mustn’t we first reverse the question to find the real answer to the meaning of our lives?

What is the purpose of life?  To live it.  That’s all I have for you.  You could make your purpose finding out another more complex and universal answer to the big question.  You could have multiple purposes throughout your life occurring simultaneously.  But to wonder at the question to the point where your mind starts to feel confused at how one can even exist is a waste of time.  We are here now, in this moment that you are reading these words.  Are you not?  Where else could you be?  Forget exactly how you came to be in this exact position of time and space and focus on the fact that you are actually here.  And that means you exist, you are as real as it gets.  There is no more need for ceaseless contemplation.  Go out and live and let your purpose(s) come to you.

I know it can be a challenge not to let your mind wander from time to time.  As is the case with most people’s thoughts.  But consider the fact that you are, right this moment, deriving your own thoughts in the first place.  More so, consider the feelings you have experienced in your life.  Have some of them not had such an impact on you that you must be certain that our existence is authentic?  I have, and I know countless others have experienced the same.

Live and let live my friends.

Why do we dream? (from a mostly non-scientific viewpoint)

Some people have them, some people don’t.  At times they can be so vivid we are entirely immersed into them, other times we can’t remember them at all.  So for something that varies so much, what exactly is the purpose of dreaming?

I’m certainly no scientist and tend to consider myself on the more philosophical side of questions like these- so if you’re looking for answers about REM Sleep, etc, go to Wikipedia or something.  If you ask me, and you’re reading this so basically you are, dreams are our subconscious minds way of speaking to the conscious part of our brain.  And perhaps it can be said that our subconscious absorbs so much throughout the day, derives so many complex theories and ideas for you using that information, that the only way it can attempt to communicate these ideas to you are when you are most relaxed and free of your own active thoughts during sleep.  Not to say that your subconscious thoughts are not your own- they certainly are.  The challenging part is gaining access to these thoughts, and only in the right amount.

If we had to think about everything we did, such as breathing, adjusting our internal body temperature, and a million other things you don’t even realize your subconscious does for you- we’d be an absolute mess.  Our subconscious mind controls so much of what we do when we are actively living and thinking on our own that it’s no wonder advertisers have preyed on this secluded part of our minds for years.  A picture of a Coke can flashes during the screen cuts in the movie you’re seeing and disappears so quickly you don’t even notice it.  But that subconscious of yours does.  And it starts to implant the idea that hey, maybe you’re feeling a little thirsty, doesn’t a Coke sound nice?

So now I present to you a way to take advantage of your seemingly useless dreaming at night.  You still feel just as rested when you wake up, but I believe if you practice what I’m about to describe to you, you’ll be feeling more productive to accomplish whatever it is that you want to accomplish.  When you’re laying back in your bed, waiting for those lingering thoughts to fade away into sleep, take control.  Start thinking about what it is you want to do the next day.  Make it as vague or specific as you wish.  “Tomorrow I will get all of my class work for the week done.  I will relish in the challenge of it.  I will enjoy each and every assignment I finish- because even though the actual work may not be fun, the success in finishing it for the week is invigorating.”  Or just try “As I sleep tonight I’m going to focus on being a more positive person.  I’m going to have a positive mindset when I wake in the morning.”

So now that you’ve done everything you have to, let your subconscious take care of the rest.  Perhaps it will present to you an idea of how you can do what you’ve communicated you want to do in the form of a dream.  It will really do what you are telling it you wish to do.  And think about it, why wouldn’t it?  Your mind is you, and therefore wants the best for you, so this is just a way for it to help you accomplish your goals.  Or at least change your mindset a little.  It’s not some “ooo mysterious talking to my subconscious mind that controls me.”  It’s just like telling yourself what you need to get done- at a time when you are more likely to listen and act on those things.

Allow your mind to flourish and so will you.

Our Dictionary of Understanding

Even if we all spoke the same language, say English just for this example, we would often find ourselves still struggling to make others understand the meaning behind our words. And it’s for one reason- we all have different ways of interpreting someone else’s words.

Before I dive right into it let me give you a quick example:

A man is sitting aboard a plane and as the stewardess comes by she asks if he’d like some more coffee. To reply the man says “I’ll take a little more.” For a brief moment the man sees a delay in understanding flash in her eyes. Then she picks up the coffee cup and fills it.

Didn’t seem like much, did it? The man asked for more coffee and he got it, right? Well yes, but there’s a bit more to this short exchange if you care to look closer. The short moment where the stewardess paused before filling his cup does not come from her lack of understanding the English language. Rather it can be derived from all the experiences of her communication with others throughout her life. The way she has most often been spoken too, combined with the way she most frequently would reply is what has become her own personal dictionary of understanding.

The woman, being a stewardess, finds herself in a bit of a “have to get it done” mindset. And this mindset is only because of her occupation, she could have several other factors in her past experiences that have also shaped her dictionary of understanding. But, being in this mindset she had to take that extra moment to understand because she is used to getting short responses. “More coffee?” “Yes.” “More coffee?” “No.”

And so when she receives an answer from a man who has a more laid-back dictionary of understanding it leads to the short pause. Perhaps where he came from people find themselves adding more words than necessary to give an answer to someone. Therefor he answered with “I’ll take a little bit more.” Instead of just saying yes. And he did it because it’s natural for him to do so. His past experiences in communication has made his dictionary believe people appreciate when you speak a few more words to them when replying.

I am not saying one of these forms of communication is better than another. At least, not one of the two I mentioned above. I am telling you that people have different levels of understanding because their experiences have led them to it. Your personal dictionary may find you being short and straight to the point with most people you speak to. Your friend might babble on for hours after you ask him how his dinner was. He’s found that he needs to go into more detail when explaining something in order for him to give a satisfactory answer. You, have had more success being brief and straightforward in your conversations.

Now, of course, there are exceptions to my guide of understanding. You may find yourself talking in more detail to one type of person over another. And you’ll very likely find yourself talking differently to your partner than you would a stranger. The point is -in general- different people have different ways of communicating to others because of their past successes and failures in gaining understanding with others. So hey, go on out there and talk to someone, see if you notice it.

Let Me Tell You Something

Let me tell you something about love. It’s the kind of something that not everyone will be able to understand, but I hope to do the best I can while telling you.

The word love cannot express all that is behind it. There is so much behind that small word, so much that can seem impossible to explain- and some of it truly is that way. But that is not something to be saddened or disappointed by. Love in in its truest, deepest form is something entirely other than love. Love is more than a feeling, we only perceive it as a feeling because that’s all we know. But truly it is more of its own entity than only a feeling. An easier way of understanding what I’m trying to tell you is that love is a connection. A bond.

Love can be pictured as a blue line of light connecting one being to another. The stronger, more pure, and deep you can picture that line is sort of like how much love you have for that other being. It’s incredibly challenging to limit love to this image alone, because in all honesty even this is inaccurate. You see, love is endless. To tie it down to the simple image of a string of lights connecting one soul to another is almost pathetic. But that’s how I want you to imagine it. Because I’m trying to tell you something, something so unimaginably complex that I wish I had more than words to describe it to you. And because love is an endless and boundless entity, we must allow ourselves to picture that beam of light in one ultimate form when love reaches a certain level between two things.

So, if you truly love someone in a way that makes you feel like you desire to understand that love more- picture it like this: The strongest most pure and deep blue beam of light spreading from you to your loved one, connecting the two of you in the most ultimate astronomical way fathomable. That there is nothing in all existence that can cut through that line because you know the two of you would never do anything to hurt each other or make that light go dimmer or any less strong. So, really, if you feel the type of love I’m trying to describe to you about someone, this is the love that is completely endless and unbreakable. It is stronger than anything else I have ever thought of- much less experienced. It cannot lessen, only become more powerful, more blue, more endless.

People don’t often think of love as the color blue, but for me- that’s what best describes this visualization. The thing is, once you reach this understanding that your love is invincible, you no longer have to worry about understanding it anymore. Simply because it serves no purpose to understand it at this point. You can go on loving your individual and never have to think again about how deep your love for them goes. You know, you more than know, that the love connecting you and them is infinite in power and strength and feeling.

I know- love contradicts itself. You try so hard to understand it and once you reach this level of understanding you no longer desire or need to. You simply love and you go on loving. Often, it is one person trying to define how much they love another, or think about how much they love another, that ends up causing the end of their relationship. But if you truly have the most pure and deep sense of love for them- you don’t have to worry about understanding it and you are infinitely connected.

Perhaps it is even to small of a thing to limit love to the word life. If you ask me, love can go beyond life. That blue light does not break, remember? It is invincible, immortal even, if you wish to think of it like that. So if you love someone like I just did my best to tell you, stop trying to understand it after reading this. Just go on loving them with everything you have. Because if I’ve gained any of your trust at all, you can trust me that this thing we call love is the most beautiful thing in all existence. Give it to the one you choose, enjoy every second of it, but never fear it- for it does not end.