A Boring Dystopia

The world we live in is far different from the world a century ago. Countless technologies and innovations have come out, new business fields created entirely, new laws governing companies, you name it! It’s a really different place. But one thing I’ve noticed when it comes to the “money” section of life is that any entity (saying this because it’s better than company) is really only trying to do one of two things.

Now I’m sure you don’t want to have to read this entire article just to figure out what those things are. So I’ll just spill it out right here and right now:

Any entity in the money scheme of life is either trying to sell everyone something or help another entity sell something.

That’s right! You’re either in the advertising sector or the sales sector- and there’s no other option. Unless of course you volunteer a free product or service- but we’re just going to ignore that sector for now.

Now while my discovery may not be quite as thrilling as you would have hoped and you think it’s the bullshit generic opinion- let me show you just how much it actually applies to various areas of any individual’s life.

It’s important that you remember this rule of my discovery- selling refers to selling a good and/or a SERVICE. So you can’t blow my entire argument out of the water just by saying, “But…but Mason! Don’t garbage men just pick up people’s trash, and mailmen just deliver mail? Those people aren’t selling me anything.” Well yes they are my friend. In fact- they are hired by a company which therefor makes them part of that company while they are working. Garbage companies are selling you the service of trash removal and the employee is carrying out that service. I put that in bold because I think it could be debated that “carrying out a service” could possibly be considered another thing an entity does. But as of now I don’t consider it to be one.

Now here’s something interesting. As I’ve been writing this article I’ve come to find that I think I’ve contradicted myself. I don’t think there’s two things that entities do at all in the money world. There’s only one! Allow me to explain to both you and myself so I can make sure I’m right.

I was originally going to make the argument that advertising entities are attempting to sell what other entities need help selling. However, I’ve come to see that them advertising is just yet another service being sold in its self. So really all anyone who makes an income in the world is trying to do (companies and people both) is sell something to everyone else.

Ah look, I did end up making you read the whole article…

Crazy Shit.

What Makes Fiverr Great

I’ll start this article off by mentioning that I am not paid by Fiverr in any way regarding this article. But I do have a great appreciation for the marketplace. Now obviously there are two sides to Fiverr- buying and selling what they call “gigs.” Having been on both sides of the market personally, I feel as if I can at least provide decent reasoning for its usefulness.


What services have I purchased via Fiverr, you ask? A variety of gigs relating to my books mostly. I hired an artist on there to design the cover of a fantasy book, and I was shocked at how much I liked it. I kind of had it in the back of my head that it would be worth a try to hire someone and see what they came up with- but I actually ended up using the cover because it turned out so well.

Now, there was a point in the cover buying process that concerned me a bit. The original delivery time for the cover was something like three days. But after this time period was up I was still without a cover and out $50. But I received a message from the seller requesting an additional day, and being a somewhat understanding guy- I gave it to them.

But the next day, still no cover to be seen…I was discouraged to say the least. And along it came- another additional day for delivery request. This time I made sure the seller knew my urgency to have my cover delivered. And I really wasn’t trying to be an asshole, I was just done with every other component of the book and was excited to get it out to the world. But I needed my damn cover! My seller seemed to get the message and wanted to get it done, and sure enough the next day it was finally delivered.

I only had one issue with my order, a minor flaw in that the text on the spine of the book was slightly too large to fit to Amazon’s standards. But, another great thing about Fiverr is that most orders come with free revisions. So after failing to upload my book to be published (incredibly frustrating even though it wasn’t a huge deal) I messaged my seller once again and kindly requested he fix the font size of the spine. Sure enough he got it back to me in a couple more days- free of charge.

I’d call the scenario above a pretty great experience overall. Note that I have had negative experiences buying on Fiverr, but it was my own fault for not looking more closely at what were actually fake reviews on some sellers’ gigs. So yeah, make sure you pay attention to what exactly is included in a gig, and whether the reviews of the seller seem to be from real people. If you can take the time to search through and find the right seller- you can end up getting some great deals on all kinds of different services. They’re not all related to writing either- there’re jacks of all trades on Fiverr.


Alright so this section will likely be dramatically shorter than what’s above. Mainly because I have a lot more experience buying gigs than I do selling my own. In fact, I just set up my first couple gigs on there the other day.

I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into setting up my profile on Fiverr, which isn’t the best route to go if you’re really trying to attract customers. But I didn’t really care at first and was uncertain if the effort would even result in any work for me. So I wrote up a couple gigs and let it be, totally forgot about it actually, until yesterday when I got an email saying I had a message on the website.

So I go to look, and what do you know- someone actually wants to hire me! It was a good feeling for sure, and so I got to work right away and created a custom order for the company. A custom order is where you base what you’re offering the customer off of a gig, except you can alter a few things to match their needs. I actually haven’t delivered the entire service yet, but this all seems fairly genuine and I think it’ll work out nicely.

So if you want to start selling on Fiverr, my best advice for you is to look at other people’s profiles on there and try to structure your gigs and profile after their’s. Just make sure they have decent reviews before you go copy-catting. And keep a watch out for anything that doesn’t seem quite right, because trust me- there are scammers, even when you’re a seller. Best of luck if you give buying or selling on Fiverr a try!